The massive PVP battle between two nations, Procyon and Capella

What is Mission War?

How to Access

You must belong to a nation (Procyon or Capella) and be between levels 170 – 200. When prompted by the system before the start of each new war, select the check mark to enter the lobby.


  • The Mission War report is printed 30 seconds after the end of war.
  • Rewards vary depending on obtained points and criteria for each tier (rewards are obtained from mailbox).
  • If one nation wins war with a called game, Mission War ends even if there is remaining time on the counter.


Mission War Everyday: 02:00 AM/PM, 06:00 AM/PM, 10:00 AM/PM
FLAG WAR Every Sunday:  10:00 PM
Battle Of The Center Everyday: 9:00 PM

Mission War Lobby

Restricted Rules

  • Character selection window is not available
  • PK is not available
  • Rename Card is unavailable
  • Leaving, disbanding guild and guild master features are not available
  • GPS window displays war strategy map
  • Minimap displays information UI tab with participants and ranking
  • Personal shop is not available
  • Return Stone and Return Core are not available
  • Guild War is not available
  • If the remaining lobby time is less than 1 minute, players cannot enter the lobby
  • Character must have Alz amount required for entry in inventory to access Mission War
  • If the remaining lobby time is less than 3 minutes, players cannot PVP

Leaving and Re-entering Lobby

  • Leaving the lobby is only available by exiting the game or going to the server selection window
  • By leaving the lobby, a player in a party will leave the party automatically
  • If party leader leaves the party without entrusting a new leader, a new leader will be automatically selected (2 man parties will be disbanded)
  • Leaving Mission War while a player is the party leader, player will be automatically removed from party
  • Players are able to re-enter the lobby but the entry number will change
  • Players cannot enter Mission War channels if channels are full
  • Players cannot enter the lobby one minute before Mission War ends
  • If Mission War ends earlier due to a called game, players cannot enter the lobby


The Battlefield is where the true action takes place in CABAL Online. Become part of a nation to join the Revolution of Action!


  • Character selection window is not available
  • There is no death penalty
  • Trading with opposing nation members is not available
  • Use of a Rename Card is not available
  • GPS window is replaced with war strategy map
  • Personal Shop is not available
  • Costume items are unavailable (entering lobby changes your outfit to your nation’s battle suit)
  • Use of Return Stone/Return Core is not available
  • Guild War is not available

Leaving and Re-entering the Battlefield

  • Leaving the battlefield can only be achieved by exiting the game or going to the server selection menu
  • Player in a party leaving the lobby will be automatically removed from party
  • A party leader who leaves the lobby will also leave the party without entrusting the party to a new leader (it will be entrusted to a random party member, and 2-man parties will be disbanded)
  • A player may re-enter Mission War by selecting the appropriate channel in channel selection window
  • A warning message appears if you don’t earn personal ranking points after 5 minutes in the battlefield
  • Failing to earn personal ranking points within 5 minutes of the warning message will cause you to disconnect from the server and your earned score will be reset

Force Tower

Force Towers give allied players buffs, such as defense increases and various special abilities that can be used to attack enemies. There are two types of towers: Free-build type towers and Normal-build type towers. Force Towers can be built using either Points or Alz. Force Towers can resurrect, teleport, and buff players, as well as attack and debuff enemy players. There are three different Force Tower sizes: Large, Medium, and Small. Players may click an allied Force Tower with low HP and press R to repair the tower with Alz. A player who is repairing a tower cannot use any other functions until the tower is completely rebuilt.

  • Players who choose to build a Force Tower have limited actions, but can still use HP potions
  • Constructing a tower will be canceled if the character dies in the process (Alz/Points will not be used)
  • Towers can be built with either Alz or Points (Contruction fee will vary depending on size and type of tower)
  • Legacy Guardian / Legacy Barrier / Other Force Tower / War Gate will have no influence
  • A Party leader can build a Force Tower by using Points
  • Normal-type Towers can only be repaired with Alz
  • Force Towers constructed by a mobile FT panel cannot be repaired

Normal Build-Type Force Tower

Constructing a normal build-type tower is only available by using FT panels at Strategy Points or bases. Attack, Buff, Debuff, and Special types are available for each FT panel. If the base or Strategy Point is being captured by enemies, the Force Tower will collapse.

Free Build-Type Force Tower

Use a mobile FT panel to build Force Towers where you wish to Attack, Buff, or Debuff your team. Towers cannot be built in close range of each other. Force Towers collapse after 3 minutes.

Categorized by Usage of Tower

  • Attack Type – Attacks enemies within range
  • Buff Type – Buffs friendly players
  • Debuff Type – Debuffs enemy players
  • Special Type – Resurrection Force Tower, Warp Force Tower. (Warps players between Force Towers)

* Mobile FT panel can be purchased at the Mission War lobby from the Grocer NPC.
* Once in the battlefield, you can purchase Vital Gear (HP, SP), and a Mobile FT panel via the Remote Shop (Hotkey: N).


The start location when you enter the battlefield. Each regiment has one base. Inside the base is the Sage’s Ensign what represents the nation. If Sage’s Ensign gets destroyed the enemy will capture the point.

Sage’s Ensign
The symbol of the base. If the Sage’s Ensign gets destroyed, the ownership of the base transfers to the opposing nation, and the Sage’s Ensign being summoned to them.

Production Force Tower
Sells Mobile FT Panels. Exists only inside the base. It is indestructible and not available to build.

War Gate
The main entrance to the base. No restrictions are applied to allied members, but members of the opposing nation must destroy it in order to enter.

FT Panel
FT Panel can be used to build Force Towers. Normal and mobile types are available.

Resurrection/Warp Force Tower
Mission War begins with standard contructed Force Towers. If the enemy captures a Strategy Point, the surrounding Force Towers will be destroyed.

Strategy Point (Fortress)

Strategy Points exist in specific locations inside the battlefield depending on the size: Point (Large) / Point (Medium) / Point (Small). Each Strategy Point has a Legacy Core and destroying it will allow the enemy to capture it.

Legacy Core
Symbol of the base. It is neutral when Mission War begins.

Legacy Barrier
The barrier that protects the Legacy Core. If it is destroyed, the team will be able to obtain that Legacy Core, and it will attack the enemy team.

Legacy Guardian
A monster that defends a Strategy Point. The size, shape, and attack power of the Guardian differs depending on the size of the Strategy Point.

Destroy Legacy Barrier
A player can click and destroy the Legacy Core to capure a Strategy Point for their team.

Killing a Legacy Guardian
A Legacy Barrier will shut down automatically once its Legacy Guardian is killed. Clicking on the Core will capture the Strategy Point, and once it is captured a new Legacy Guardian will spawn to protect the Core.


You can earn points and a final score during Mission War. Points can be used to build Force Towers or summon Legacy Guardians, while scores are used to judge the final result of the Mission War.

* Exceptional Victory Condition

Reach Max Score
When a nation earns the maximum reachable score, they win.

Called Game
When a nation captures all strategy points located within the battlefield, that nation automatically wins.

  • How to Earn Points

    Mission War starts with standard strategy points. Every 3 minutes you earn points when you capture a strategy point.
    . Strategy point (Large) : 500 points
    . Strategy point (Medium) : 200 points
    . Strategy point (Small) : 100 points

  • Earning your Score

    . Mission War starts with standard scores
    . Kill enemy nation players
    . Destroy enemy Sage’s Ensigns
    . Destroy enemy Force Towers
    . Capture enemy Strategy Points or neutral Strategy Points
    . Kill Legacy Guardians from enemy Strategy Points or neutral strategy point
    . Destroy Legacy Barrier from enemy strategy point or neutral Strategy Points
    * Hotkey (Z) will target the nearest enemy character

  • How to Use Points

    . Only Party leader can use Points
    . Build Force Tower
    . Summon Legacy Guardian

  • How Judging Works

    After the regular Mission War schedule is over, the nation who has a higher total score wins.

  • How the Winning Nation is Decided

    The result of Mission War will be judged by scores. If Mission War ends naturally, the result will be decided by the score.

Score Calculation

Take over strategy point(base)
Destroy enemies Sage’s Ensign.

Capture Strategy Point(Fortress)
Destroy Legacy Core of enemy strategy point or neutral strategy point.

Kill enemy members
Kill enemy members successfully.

Destroy Force Tower
Destroy Force Tower of enemy strategy point or neutral strategy point.

Kill Legacy Guardian
Kill Legacy Guardian of enemy strategy point or neutral strategy point.

Remaining Force Tower
The remaining HP amount when the Mission War ends.

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